About Gracie Bellissimo

Freelance Filmmaker & Photographer

As a child, there was nothing Gracie enjoyed more than writing her own short stories and using her dad's camcorder to make mini-movies with her little sisters. Throughout her high school years, she delved deeper into her passion for filmmaking by immersing herself in her school's one-of-a-kind Academy of Media and Entertainment, whilst creating her own short films for festivals outside of school (click here for awards), and has even shadowed and assisted professional directors, writers, editors, and executive producers before graduating. After moving from LA to NYC for a semester of college, she has now relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area and to study cinema at SFSU. Gracie is always looking for her next project or collaboration, so if you have an idea and would like to work with Gracie, please get in touch.


Awards & Recognition

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Abbot Award

The Other Venice Film Festival - 2017

Winner of "Best Experimental Short" at The Other Venice Film Festival in Venice, California.

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Audience Choice Award

NYLA International Film Festival - 2017

Gracie's first short film, "I Need You".

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Best Original Score

The Under 5min Film and Writing Festival - 2018

Gracie's younger sister, Cecilia Bellissimo, composed the score for this project in less than two days.